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  Rights and duties of the members of Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The members of the Chamber through their authorized representatives have a right to:

  • take part in voting with decisive vote at the General meeting of the members of the Chamber;

  • elect delegates to the Congress of CCI of Ukraine in accordance with the procedure specified by the CCI Council;

  • elect and be elected to the executive bodies of the Transcarpathian and Ukrainian CCI;

  • submit to the General Meeting (Conference), Council (Board) of the Transcarpathian CCI, Congress, Council and the Board of the CCI of Ukraine the proposals concerning the issues that belong to the area of the Transcarpathian CCI and the CCI of Ukraine;

  • receive the necessary assistance from the Transcarpathian CCI and the CCI of Ukraine in the problem belonging to the area of their activities;

  • first and foremost dispose of the services rendered by the Transcarpathian CCI and the CCI of Ukraine subject to the privileged conditions specified by their executive bodies;

  • receive free of charge the journal "Business Herald" (Ukrainian CCI) and the advertising and informational bulletin "Business Herald" (Transcarpathian CCI).

      The members of the Chamber udertake to:

  • assist actively in the fulfillment of the tasks and functions of the Chamber;

  • pay admission and membership fees;

  • act on the basis of respect to the partner, decency, not to allow dishonest competition.

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