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  Transcarpathian Province
      In the very heart of Europe, closely resting on the Carpathian Mountains, one of the youngest and, at the same time, one of the most peculiar regions of Ukraine is situated - the Transcarpathian province.

      Transcarpathia is a sort of a "window to Europe", that combines the geographical crossing of Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Polish borders.

      Тhe territory of the province is relatively small - only 12,800 sq. km (about 2% of Ukrainian territory). The population is 1,287,400 people representing more than 70 nationalities. 40% of them live in the urban territory and 60% - in the rural one.

      The nature of this land is rich and diversified, a half of its territory is covered with forests. The forest fund reaches 687,000 ha with dominating solid-leaf (62.2%) and coniferous (29.9%) wood species. Total timber stock reaches 157.8 million cub. meters, including 37.04 million cub. meters of mature species.

      The mineral raw material base of the region is represented by nearly 150 deposits of more than 30 minerals. Among them are the largest stocks of non-traditional for Ukraine zeolites, perlites, polymetals, liparites, alunites. The level of specialization of the province was formed due to the production of rock salt, perite, bentonite clays, wall stones (marble limestone, dolomites, marble). Promising for exploration are the unique zeolite deposits, of special significance are the barite ore, germanium and kaolin deposits. The golden ores and produced and treated at the Muzhievo deposit of gold and polymetals.

      Favorable climatic conditions, medicative mineral springs, unique culture of local inhabitants and their multi-age traditions make this land one of the most attractive and popular corners for rest and recreation, alpine skiing, as well as for investments into the development of recreation area. Transcarpathia is a sole Ukrainian province that, according to the international favorable abilities evaluation scale, has received the "best" mark.

      By its economical composition, the province belongs to the regions of industrial and agricultural type with developed resort and tourist economy.

    The production specialization areas are represented by the forest and wood-processing industry (sawn material and furniture production) timber and chemical industry (timber processing product manufacturing), food industry (wine, cognac and canned fruit production), machine building industry (production of metal cutting machines and devices), light industry (shoe, head-dress, clothes and knitting article production)

    The perspectives of a stable and comprehensive social and economical development of the province are based on the Law of Ukraine concerning the special investment activity regime in the Transcarpathian province and the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 09.12.98 concerning the special economical zone "Transcarpathia", that is created for the 30-year period (737,900 hа total area).

    Transcarpathia belongs to the Carpathian Euroregion.

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