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  "Business Herald"
  One of the means of conversation with companies-members of the Chamber, information exchange with regional Ukrainian and foreign chambers, state and representative domestic and foreign structures is the informational and advertising bulletin of the Transcarpathian CCI "Business Herald". This issue presents information about the activity of the Transcarpathian CCI and chamber members, provides comments related to the topical normative documents, lightens the business events in Ukraine and abroad, provides different commercial information.
  Note that the manufacturers and the trade agent organizations have possibility to present in the "Business Herald" informational and advertising articles related to their activity, products or services. The members of the Transcarpathian CCI can publish their materials free of charge. This issue does not appear in the hands of the come-and-go people, but I delivered to the domestic and foreign structures directly related to the organization and/or implementation of the business and external economical activity testifying, thus, to the efficiency of publications.

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