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  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine

Ukraine 01601, Kyiv, GSP, 33 Velyka Zhytomyrska street
Telephone: (044) 212-29-11
Fax: (044) 212-33-53
    CCI of Ukraine fulfills its functions independently or via the regional chambers of commerce and industry, acting in all provinces of the state and in the Republic of Crimea, as well as via the enterprises and other organizations created and joined by the CCI and coordinated by the CCI of Ukraine.

    Now the chambers provide their members with a wide spectrum of professional services, including advices concerning the external trade issues, perform independent expertise of the goods, external trade cargos declaration (by agreement with customs offices), render patent and license services and bar-coding services. The chambers offer business and legal information for Ukrainian and foreign businessmen, distribute commercial and other proposals concerning cooperation of Ukrainian companies abroad and foreign companies in Ukraine, organize seminars, conferences, exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, other arrangements.

    Тhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and the regional chambers are authorized by the Ukrainian Government to confirm the origin of Ukrainian goods and to issue the certificates of origin that are mandatory documents in case of goods export.

    Тhe Chamber confirms the force majeure circumstances, trade and port customs of Ukraine.

    Тhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine keeps non-state register of Ukrainian companies, the financial condition of which indicates their reliability as the partners of business activity in Ukraine and abroad. The registration certificate issue by the Chamber confirms the reliability of Ukrainian businessmen before their foreign partners.

    The International commercial court of arbitration functions at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and has won recognition in the world.

    The branch committees of businessmen operate at the Chamber performing independent expertise of normative and legal documents concerning national economy, external economical relations, as well as other issues related to the rights and interests of the businessmen, prepare proposals on behalf of the members of chambers for the state authorities.

    Тhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine is a member of Business Council of Black Sea cooperation, Association of Black Sea zone CCI and Central European Initiative.

    Тhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine cooperates actively with the European CCI Association, maintains partner contractual-based relationships with national and regional businessmen associations in more than 50 countries all over the world.

    In order to assist in developing international economical relations the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine creates mixed chambers and business councils. The Ukrainian-Polish, Ukrainian-Italian, Ukrainian-Turkish, Ukrainian-Bulgarian, Ukrainian-Iranian and Ukrainian-Indian business councils operate now. With the assistance of Italian chambers of commerce and other organizations the Ukrainian-Italian business center has been established that provides exchange of business information and development of cooperation between Ukrainian and Italian small and medium enterprises. The Ukrainian-German project of cooperation is being realized aimed at the increasing of the level of professional activity of the CCI of Ukraine, as well as Zaporizhzhia and Lviv chambers.

Тhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine has its representatives in Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Cyprus and Finland.

Our address :

88015, м. Ужгород,
вул. Грушевського, 62
тел. (0312) 66-94-50, 66-94-55.
тел./факс (0312) 66-94-99, 66-94-98
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