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Business meetings in Uzhhorod “INTERNATIONAL CONTACT DAYS – 2017”


Farming machines and spares. Agricultural and garden implements. Seed grains.   Fertilizers and weed and pest-killer chemicals. Agricultural and cultivation productions. Equipment and technologies implied in the food and processing industries. Food stuffs. Packing and packing technology.

MARCH, 23-24

Lumbering and woodworking. Furniture production. Machines, equipment and technologies.   Appartment, office, garden and special articles of furniture. Furniture intermediates and fittings. Millwork.

MAY, 25-26

Machinebuilding and metal-working. Hardware and metal contstrucitons.   Modern technologies used in the metalworking industry. Equipment and tools. Hardware selling. Scrap metal store-up.


Tourism domestic, international, rural, special. Extreme tourism, ski centers. Tourist and sports gear and equipment, related products. Tourist and recreational facilities. Ban-king, insurance and transport services.


Building   - projects and technologies. Building machines and materials.   Sanitary, heating, ventilation and lighting equipment. Interior decorations for berthing and office space. Structural chemistry. Millwork.

All those wishing to take part in the “International Contract Days” are to send by fax 0312 669474 the information about their company (name, address details and contact information, company profile and commercial offers) for being included in the official catalogue.

For the sake of maximum presentation effect the individual exhibition and illustrated advertisement are strongly recommended to be displayed on the catalogue pages.

For the detailed information about participation in the business meetings contact the Transcarpathian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Telephone numbers: 0312 66-94-62.
E-mail: exib@tpp.uzhgorod.ua

Наша адреса :

88015, м. Ужгород,
вул. Грушевського, 62
тел. (0312) 66-94-50, 66-94-55.
тел./факс (0312) 66-94-99, 66-94-98
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